Yuri Manga: Love Letters

love-letters-fullLove Letters is a manga by Shii Hirone, which is published in the Yuri Shoujo collection along with many other stories about girls love. It’s a short story about Nakahara-San who one day finds a beautiful drawing of flowers on her desk and decides to reply by leaving a drawing and a message herself. It doesn’t take long for a budding relationship to start developing between ¬†her and the person who left the original message, even if she doesn’t know who it is.

I really love these short stories, because they are usually low on unnecessary drama and forced conflict, which longer series tend to get into to keep the reader interested. Here it’s just a simple premise with only three characters that the story revolves around, Nakahara-San, her desk neighbor Kokonoe and the person who is leaving these messages on her desk. It’s short, sweet, quick to get to the point and that is what I really like!

The art has this really beautiful shoujo style to it and is mostly drawn in line art with a few areas of shadow where needed for emphasis, which works really well for such a short manga. Even if the art is simple, the characters are still very expressive which is a plus for sure.

Sadly enough, the Yuri Shoujo volumes are not available in English. I read a fan translated version, but I still¬†want to get my hands on the physical volumes in Japanese. I just like collecting yuri manga even if my Japanese is super rudimentary and it’s never wrong to support those who are creating what you love to read.