First Impressions: Schoolgirl Strikers

schoolgirl-strikersApparently this anime is based on a Japanese phone game with the same name that I had not heard about before watching this. But that does not really matter to me, since I actually found this really fun to watch. Sure, it’s no Vivid Strike from last season when it comes to battle choreography and animation. But it still managed to keep my attention all the way through with cute and funny characters and a really fast pace for a first episode.

The story takes place at a newly established all girls private school Goryoukan Academy. This school has a special unit called the Fifth Force who are tasked with hunting down and disposing of creatures called Oburi that come from the fifth dimension. We get to follow a team of five girls called Altair Torte as they fight the Oburi and also during their fun schoolday hijinks.

But what I was most surprised by was as I mentioned above the high pace of the first episode. First we get introduced to our main characters, they introduce the school with some fun jokes about their school not having any mysteries and then we quickly move on to another fights against the Oburi, where we are introduced to some other of the teams and characters.

I am definitely going to stick with this show. Schoolgirl Strikers is honestly the first anime this season who has been able to make me seriously interested in watching the rest of it and that is a good thing during this very lukewarm winter season.



First Impressions: Akiba’s Trip The Animation


Akiba’s Strip is a anime based on the game with the same name. The premise is pretty simple, Denkigai Tamotsu is visiting Akihabara with his sister when a mysterious girl falls from the sky and starts to fight what seems to be vampires by undressing them, exposing them to the air which they are weak to. One thing leads to another and Tamotsu is also dragged into fighting these vampires. Simple right?

To be honest, I found the first episode to be really dull and generic. Sure, it’s colorful and well animated in some  parts. But I found the characters so unmemorable that I had to google their names right after watching the episode when writing this post. Oh and then there is the character called Arisa Ahokainen who was just annoying to me. Specially the fact that every time a character looked at her boobs they decided to play this sound of a cow mooing. That’s really classy might I say!

But I have to give praise where it is due. One thing the show has going for it is that it is really colorful and well animated when it wants to be. It was really enjoyable to look at, even if the story and the characters really didn’t do it for me. On that fact alone, I am probably going to give this show two more episodes to see if it goes anywhere interesting, even if I am not expecting it to.