Hello and welcome to Yuri Beat! My name is Rebecca and I am the sole writer on this blog. As you can guess by the name, here you will mostly find blog posts about Girls Love manga and anime, since that is my favorite genre. Even if that will be the main focus here, you will also be able to find other fun and interesting things as well. Like first impressions, reviews of new and old anime and maybe even some gaming related stuff.

But Yuri and Shoujo Ai will still be the main focus here. Both licensed and fan translated stuff, since everything is sadly not released here in the west. But I will still try to tell you if there is a easy way of buying what I am talking about, since I believe in supporting the people who work so hard to bring us the things we love!

So if any of this sounds interesting, please stick around, comment and share this blog with those who you think would like to read it. Because at the end of the day, this is a one woman operation and any help spreading this around would be appreciated!

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