First Impressions: Urara Meirochou

urara-animeSo at what level does cuteness become dangerous for your physical and mental health? Can you die from too much cuteness? These are two of the questions I kept asking myself after watching the first episode of Urara Meirochou. Because I would follow this show on cuteness alone, but it is actually really funny as well.

We get to follow Chiya, who was raised in the mountains and comes to the town of Meiro-Machi with a purpose. But with her being from out of town, she soon runs into trouble with the local authorities in a huge misunderstanding. But she escapes and literally runs into a girl named Kon, Koume who loves all things western and the very shy Nono. It turns out that they are all there to become apprentices under the same fortune-teller.

This show is made by J.C.Staff who you might know from such anime as Toradora, Shakugan No Shana or Golden Time to name a few. So what do these three shows have in common? They are all very colorful, well animated and enjoyable to look at, which is a really good way of convincing me to watch something and Urara Meirochou does not disappoint in this department at all.

Oh yeah, there are also yuri vibes all over this show. There is even a declaration of love already in a scene with the captain of the city guard and her two subordinates. All of this makes me very happy and excited! The same scene also had the strangest words of affection I have heard in a long time, those being: “Please let me take your cold”.

If you haven’t figured out it by now, I am very excited and happy to watch this show! Hopefully it will be able to keep up with the high bar that it has set with it first episode. Not that I am that worried about that to be honest!


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