First Impressions: Youji Senki

youji-senkiThe idea of a dark and gritty anime covering the horrors during World War II is a really interesting idea in my opinion and you can even through in some awesome magic to spice things up. This is what Youji Senki tries and fails so hard to do. We get to follow Second Lieutenant and Platoon Commander Tanya Degurechaff, who is apparently a top Japanese salaryman reborn into this very young girls body during a alternate history version of World War II where Germany are the underdogs that you are supposed to root for. Yes, they are basically expecting us to root for the Third Reich!

I have not even said anything about the art and character designs of this show yet and there is really only one thing to say: it is ugly and all over the place! Many of the characters does not even look like they belong in the same show. The two people who are supposed to be the main characters even have totally different designs, which is really confusing to me. The main character Tanya is also a really despicable and unlikable person, which isn’t making things any better.

So yeah, I’m not going to waste any more time watching this series. While I like some of the ideas on paper, the exectution really sours the whole experience for me. This anime season has not been good to me so far.


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